September 14th 2021

Good to know: it's always good to keep a record of who attended meetings, who was facilitating the meeting, and who was designated as the lucky person to take notes. A 'Users' column type in a table lets you quickly add any member of your organization to a column, making tracking this a breeze!

What did we ship this cycle?

  • Mobile menu improvements
    • Makes it easier to open and close the menu on mobile
    • Users struggled with this in user testing
    • Prototypes performed well in testing, happy to ship this
  • New icons!
    • They look nice 💖
  • Performance improvements
    • App loads 2x faster
    • API requests return much faster
    • Redirects happen faster too

What did we leave on the shelf?

  • Design and eng collaboration
    • Open channels for communication
    • Collabroating in Figma more frequently
  • Performance improvements area great

What can we do better?

  • PR reviews are slow
    • We're leaving work on the shelf by not dedicating enough time to getting PRs merged

Action items

  • Whole team: Dedicate time every day or two to reviewing a few PRs
  • Design: Get things into Figma ASAP
Good to know: Having clear action items from any meeting can make the difference between practical and pointless. Focus on meeting outcomes, even if it's just to generate a bunch of work.